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Key People

Irina Loos

Irina Loos

Deputy Managing Director
First Christmas
Annika Pedük

Annika Pedük

Director of Operations
First Christmas
Katharina Haacke

Katharina Haacke

Head of Design
First Christmas

Jule Beck

Creative Director
CELS Group


“First Christmas” is one of Europe ́s major supplier of Festive decorations working successfully in the industry for over 20 years.

With more than 1000 designed and created projects in the company portfolio.

What makes us unique is that we don’t have a single warehouse full of products to sell.

Without a standard catalogue to promote, our entire production is custom designed to meet the desires and needs of every client, with a complete made-to-order approach.


First Christmas supervises the entire process with professional expertise.

By monitoring all stages of the process, we can off er our clients a consistent and valuable unique product.

We are your partner in every step of the way. We’ll ensure you’ll have a worry-free operations.

Our projects are turn-key: we take care of all production and logistical aspects.


Turn your vision into reality.

We craft premium Christmas decorations and lighting for brands and global companies alike – putting our client's vision into reality.


Immersive experience

Take your audience into a journey through our lights decoration.


Engage with your audience.

Lighting evoke emotions, direct the audience's attention, highlight products, decorate a space, call attendees to action and increase the overall level of fun.


At First Christmas, we take pride in offering high-quality products and services at competitive prices. We are constantly striving to improve and enhance our service to better meet the needs of our clients.

Through our creative and handcrafting skills, we can conceive and deliver new concepts to inspire and amaze visitors.

First Christmas is the right partner for your immersive Christmas lighting decorations.


As a leading light decoration company in Germany, we look to engage with our clients beyond the conventional design and development relationship, becoming a partner to the people and companies we work with.

Have a project in mind?
Contact us to be inspired.

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First Christmas GmbH, part of CELS Group · Blankeneser Bahnhofstraße 7 · 22587
Hamburg, Germany

T: +49 40 8664 8750

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